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The Appian Way was a pedestrian avenue serving as a thoroughfare uniting the seven buildings that comprised the Roycroft Campus.  Now a  National Landmark, this campus has undergone many changes and is experiencing a major renaissance due to the efforts of the Roycrofters-At-Large Association plus countless others. After years of neglect and disrepair, this historic 260-foot walkway has emerged to 


reunite these Roycroft buildings.  The paving bricks, granite blocks and curbing as well as seating, lighting and landscaping re-creates the ambiance of the original Roycroft Campus.  

You have the opportunity to immortalize your-self or recognize a cherished loved one through the purchase of a brick, granite block or Arts and Crafts style bench on the restored Appian Way.  Your business or corporation can also show its community support for this important project.  Seeing these markings years later will evoke fond memories of the occasion or companion who shared with you this experience.  

Your tax-deductible purchase will continue our quest to keep the spirit, ideals and traditions of the ROYCROFT and ELBERT HUBBARD alive!


                 "Leave Your Mark."  ...  PURCHASE A BLOCK TODAY !

Contact The Roycroft Campus Corporation for purchase information:



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