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MEMBERSHIP June 2023 - June 2024

rALA decal06152019 (3).jpg
rALA decal06152019 (3).jpg

Objectives of the Roycrofters-At-Large Association:

1. To encourage dedicated craftsmen to become a part of the Roycroft Renaissance -- to create and display their work -- based on the high standards of quality workmanship of the original Roycrofters. 

2. To encourage a fraternal interest among Hubbard/Roycroft devotees in a Renaissance of the Roycroft, through discussions, exchange of knowledge, and participation in the programs and projects of the Association. 

3. To promote the interaction between this Association, the Roycroft campus community, and all other interested organizations and persons.

Benefits of Regular Membership:

- Newsletters - Roycrofters-At-Large Association CHRONICLE

- Voting privileges

- Educational programs

- Participate on Board of Directors

- Annual Convention

- Participate in Committees

- A window decal to display your support

- PATRON Members receive a special gift:  The "PATRON PREMIUM",

which is a highly collected, limited edition item made by a Roycroft Artistian.  Each Premium is signed and numbered by the maker.  

Types of Memberships:

$50 Patron Membership (1 year)
This level indicates your special interest and support of the organization and its aims.  Each year a new patron premium is selected and included as a free gift to Patron Members.  The premium is an individually handcrafted item crafted by a Roycroft Artisan.  A Patron Decal is also included with the membership.  The 2023 Roycrofters at Large Association Membership Premium is a lampwork beaded keychain made by Roycroft Master Artisan Susan Cudaback.

$30 Annual Membership (1 year)
This level indicates your interest and support of the organization and its aims.  An attractive Annual Member decal will be sent.


Memberships are valid for one (1) year, starting in June and expiring in June of the next year. The membership premiums change annually.


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