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MEMBERSHIP June 2023 - June 2024

A Message from our President

rALA decal06152019 (3).jpg
rALA decal06152019 (3).jpg

Dear Friends of the Movement, Philistines, and Immortals,


As we look forward to our 50th year in 2026 we are making it a mission in 2024 to expand our outreach and programming for broader artisan engagement and for the greater public. We have recently revived the Little Journeys series of talks and our first talk in February was very well received. In addition to regular Little Journeys and our Emerging Artists Program, we will be announcing new educational and mentorship opportunities for our Summer and Winter Festivals in the coming weeks. We are dedicated to honoring and renewing our commitment to our values and mission, and looking for new ways to add value to our loyal membership base.   


The Roycrofters-at-Large Association, Inc. is a not-for-profit organization entrusted with educating, fostering, and inspiring artisans and the public, alike, as part of the continual evolution of the Arts & Crafts Movement.


The Roycrofters-at-Large Association creates various opportunities to stimulate intellectual curiosity through art and music rooted in the lineage and legacy of Elbert Hubbard and the Roycroft Movement.


The Roycrofters-at-Large Association offers opportunities for knowledge-sharing, mentorship and collaboration in a community and guild-like atmosphere.


The Roycrofters-at-Large Association artisans are inspired to continuously improve their work through our rigorous quality standards, strenuous jury process and network of affiliated craftspeople.


Only The Roycrofters-at-Large Association artisans carry the federally registered Roycroft Renaissance Mark – a sign of authenticity, quality and high distinction.


The Roycrofters-at-Large Association celebrates the past while ensuring the future of the Arts & Crafts movement.


As we undertake this new chapter of growth, we’re encouraging those of our friends who are not yet to consider membership, either at a Friends or Patron level. Memberships fund our outreach, programming and artisan services. Thank you for helping us continue the work. 


This November also marks the tenth year of the passing of our visionary and founding member Kitty Turgeon. Responsible for the revitalization and National Historic Landmark protections of the Roycroft Inn, the Roycroft Campus and the foundations of the Roycrofters-at-Large, Kitty was also a passionate educator who drove the educational and outreach arm of this organization. We are proud to honor her memory by revitalizing our community collaborations and educational opportunities, and are looking forward to sharing members-only benefits for our new educational programs for the 2024-2025 membership year.


Our membership renews each year in June. New benefits for members include free admission to the Roycroft Summer and Winter Festivals, member only content and digital news and expanded opportunities for education and community, which will be shared in the coming months. 


Members who join as new Friends or Patron level members the week of February 12 - 19 in conjunction with the 37th National Arts and Crafts Conference, either in person or online, will receive membership benefits through June 2024 at no cost. The links on this page will take you to online forms, or if you prefer you may print the form out and mail it. New membership requests postmarked by February 20, 2024 will be recorded with no charge through June 2024.


Gratefully Yours in the Movement,

Peter Potter, President,

Roycrofters-at-Large Association

Objectives of the Roycrofters-At-Large Association:

1. To encourage dedicated craftsmen to become a part of the Roycroft Renaissance -- to create and display their work -- based on the high standards of quality workmanship of the original Roycrofters. 

2. To encourage a fraternal interest among Hubbard/Roycroft devotees in a Renaissance of the Roycroft, through discussions, exchange of knowledge, and participation in the programs and projects of the Association. 

3. To promote the interaction between this Association, the Roycroft campus community, and all other interested organizations and persons.

Benefits of Regular Membership:

- Newsletters - Roycrofters-At-Large Association CHRONICLE

- Voting privileges

- Educational programs

- Participate on Board of Directors

- Annual Convention

- Participate in Committees

- A window decal to display your support

- PATRON Members receive a special gift:  The "PATRON PREMIUM",

which is a highly collected, limited edition item made by a Roycroft Artistian.  Each Premium is signed and numbered by the maker.  

Types of Memberships:

$50 Patron Membership (1 year)
This level indicates your special interest and support of the organization and its aims.  Each year a new patron premium is selected and included as a free gift to Patron Members.  The premium is an individually handcrafted item crafted by a Roycroft Artisan.  A Patron Decal is also included with the membership.  The 2023 Roycrofters at Large Association Membership Premium is a lampwork beaded keychain made by Roycroft Master Artisan Susan Cudaback.

$30 Annual Membership (1 year)
This level indicates your interest and support of the organization and its aims.  An attractive Annual Member decal will be sent.


Memberships are valid for one (1) year, starting in June and expiring in June of the next year. The membership premiums change annually.


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