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In 1976. A group of east Aurora, New York residents with a common interest in their community’s historic Roycroft Campus- and the philosophy of Roycroft’s founder Elbert Hubbard- set in motion a plan to preserve those ideals which had made the campus a center of the Arts and Crafts Movement. Today, dozens of Roycroft Artisans and Master Artisans carry on the artistic tradition by creating incredible works of art in specialties such as glass, leather, metal, jewelry, painting, book arts, printing, paper, fiber, weaving, pottery and wood. In this book, we examine the lives of nearly fifty Roycroft Master Artisans who open up about their training, inspirations, travel, goals, proudest moments, relationships to the Roycroft community and much more.  Paperback

Head, Heart & Hands, by Joe Kirchmyer

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