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A Little History


In 1976 a group of East Aurora residents with a common interest in the Roycroft Campus and the philosophy of Elbert Hubbard set in motion a plan to preserve those ideals which had made the Campus a center of the Arts and Crafts Movement.

Some of the founding members of this core group were: Nancy Hubbard, a grand daughter of "Fra" Hubbard; Charles Hamilton, a historian and frequent author on Hubbard and the Roycroft; Kitty Turgeon, then Inn Keeper at the Roycroft; and Rixford Jennings, a local artist who grew up as a paper boy on Hubbards' Campus who, along with a meeting room full of others, decided that this was something too important to let slip into the dust of an attic bound history book.  

After several meetings and energetic discussion the Roycrofters-at-Large Association (RALA), was formed. The bond they created was blessed by the Spirit of Roycroft. Today the not-for-profit organization is still actively working to keep alive the history and philosophy of Roycroft through special events centered on and around the Roycroft Campus. Through the efforts of Kitty Turgeon and the RALA organization the Campus became a National Historic Landmark. You are invited to come and visit East Aurora, New York, home of The Roycroft and RALA, through this Web site and in person, and may the Spirit of Roycroft be with you on your "Little Journey."


The Roycroft Mark ~ old and new


The original Roycroft mark (the single 'R') was trademarked by Elbert Hubbard in 1906.  It is said to be older than recorded time -- used by monks in the middle ages at the end of their hand-illuminated manuscripts signifying The Best I Can Do, Dedicated to God. 

Hubbard added the 'R' symbolizing Royal Craft -- Roycroft.  In 1976, Rixford Jennings changed the design to incorporate two back-to-back R's signifying the Roycroft Renaissance for the Roycrofters-At-Large Association.

The back-to-back R mark is Nationally Registered and may only be used by RALA's juried artisans.

1976 to present


The RALA is a 501(c) 3 Not-For-Profit corporation, administered by an elected board of directors. The board relies upon standing committees as defined by the by-laws (under membership menu). Members are also eligible to hold seats on the board and to participate in all committees. 


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