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The Roycroft Master Artisans meet each year to review all of the RALA artisans.  This jurying process carefully and critically reviews the current Artisans and selects new Artisans from qualified applicants.  Artwork created by Master Artisans and Artisans are entitled to carry the Roycroft Renaissance signature Double R logo mark.


The Roycrofters-At-Large Association (RALA) owns U.S. Reg 3358572 for the Double R Logo.  As owners of this registered trademark, RALA continuously takes steps to ensure that its registered trademark is used properly.  While it can be tempting for members, fans, and others to "get creative" with this Double R Logo, RALA continues to police the use of its registered trademark, not allowing any unauthorized use, or modifications intended to cause confusion.  



RALA greatly appreciates those friends who recognize the special talents and extremely hard work of the artisans within the organization. 


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