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Meet the Master: Keith Rust, Rust Illustration

Please join us in celebrating the elevation of Artisan Keith Rust of to Master in Painting.

Keith Rust, a fifth-generation Californian landscape painter, is known for capturing nature's beauty while paying homage to the Arts & Crafts movement. Growing up on his family's ranch in Northern California, amidst the oak trees and pastures, his early years were surrounded by rural life. It was in this environment that his enjoyment of art and imagination began to ignite. This passion for art was nurtured by his mother, a multimedia artist, and his father, a man of boundless creativity.

Rust studied illustration at the renowned Art Center College of Design in Pasadena, California, where he graduated with honors with a focus on advertisement illustration. His early work was characterized by a painterly photorealistic style, reflecting his dedication to precision and attention to detail. His career in the arts led him to Arts & Crafts movement while working first in Art Administration and as a high school art educator.

Characterized by a fusion of Japanese woodblock tradition and his own unique style, how work captivates viewers with its vibrant hues and intricate details. Particularly striking are his dynamic skies, which seem to radiate with an inner glow. Each painting, a labor of love, takes shape over countless hours, meticulously crafted to evoke emotions and memories of each location.

Rust was accepted as a Roycroft Renaissance Artisan in 2018. In recognition of his exceptional craftsmanship and dedication to the arts, Keith was elevated to the esteemed status of Roycroft Master Artisan by a jury of his peers this April, joining an elite cadre of just 30 fellow Masters throughout the United States and Canada working to uphold and advance the standards of craftsmanship exemplified by the founding Roycroft artists of South Grove Street.

Rust was highlighted as a 2023 featured artist in The Guild Spotlight for Arts & Crafts Homes and the Revival Annual Resource Guide. His artwork can be found in art shows, galleries, stores, and online platforms, a testament to his enduring dedication to the arts and the enduring allure of his creations.

His most recent work, Winding Narrows Canyon, a marvel of light and depth, is available for purchase through his website,

Jurying for Roycroft Artisans is held each April, when our Masters gather and review and reaffirm the work of Roycroft Artisans working across the country and Canada. An Artisan is considered eligible for nomination by their peers to jury as a Master only after 5 years of successful re-jurying and a review of portfolio includes not only consistent quality but evidence of progression, innovation and artistic evolution. Of the few that are nominated, even fewer meet the rigor of Master Jury. A very fine congratulations is owed to Master Rust.

More information and a link to Master Rust's portfolio and website can be found through our Artisan Directory. He is also active on social media platforms as Keith Rust Illustration.

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